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Since 2007, SUNREE dedicates itself to manufacturing and supplying machines and raw materials in the markets of consumer goods, paper for industries use and hygiene solutions for baby care, feminine care, incontinence care, pet care, beauty care and health care.

We have been manufacturing converting machines for sanitary napkin and diapers products, working with hundreds of customers worldwide. We design converting machines and specialized technologies for making disposable hygiene products like baby diaper, pull-ups pant, sanitary napkins, pantyliner, adult diaper, adult pant, period pants, underpad, pet sheet, nursing pads, dog diaper and wet wipes. It is this level of innovation that has helped us become one of the most recognized hygiene product machine manufacturers in the world, with customers in over 60 countries.

Expanding the product portfolio outreach and offering A to Z support to wider customers, we strengthen the supply chain and collaborate closely with awesome companies and invest in businesses from raw materials to personal care consumer products.

We are committed to exceeding customer expectations, ceaselessly conducting innovations, and raising the quality of products and services. We pride ourselves in providing superior and innovative products alongside a commitment to excellent quality and punctuality with deliveries.

We will continue to reach new heights by leveraging the achievements we have made since our founding in 2007, and by developing new markets with our pioneering spirit.


As most success stories begin, SUNREE’s started out humbly. It began over 15 years ago in the small room. it has been defined by its constant dedication to the achievement of technological innovation, we believe that this customer-centric responsible, honest and integrity approach is the key to be successful. Follow us through SUNREE time capsule in converting machines field.


Founded in 2007, moved to Jinjiang, Quanzhou where continued to sell machinery.

diaper machine manufacturer in China


Entered the industry of manufacturing converting machines for disposable hygiene products, the company responded to production demand in the baby diaper industry with servo machine, capable of 400 pcs per minute.

baby diaper machine factory


Added an 5,000 square meters assembly and testing facility with secure, fully-equipped testing bays to the main plants. Developing its key technologies and increasing its marketshare. We introduced our first I-shaped baby diaper machine into Pakistan, the company continues to grow its global market share.

diaper manufacturing machine


Expanded machining and fabrication facilities by 3,000 square meters, providing space for numerous CNC machining center additions. This addition facilitated the company’s ability to manufacture and fabricate custom components quickly and more efficiently.

CNC machining center


Engineering developed new process requirements while applying new technology to existing machines as retrofits to keep up with rapidly evolving hygiene product designs. As open type full elastic waistband baby diaper, 360° surrounded waistband pull-ups diaper and adult incontinence product market developed, specialized machine also developed for these products.

baby pant machine


Opened a foreign trade sales company located in Shishi, Quanzhou, aiming at the full range of services from machines to raw materials, from an investment partner to guide the operational growth strategies, enabling faster response times and support throughout the world, and providing A to Z solutions in the hygiene field.

diaper making machine manufacturer


Improvements made to the sanitary napkin machine and diapers making machine, engineering developed new process requirements while applying new technology to existing machines as retrofits, introduced the machines for 3D absorbent core baby diaper, no scrap ear T-shaped baby diaper, adult pant and feminine period pant.

adult diaper machine


Actively expanded its exports as overseas markets came to acknowledge its capabilities, 50 sets of machines were manufactured and delivered this year.

diaper machine assembly facility


Moved the headquarter to a 60,000+ square meters site, the facility with all the necessary capabilities for the design, development and testing of highly confidential projects, accelerating development and unique innovations that exceed customer expectations.

feminine sanitary napkin machine


Work with some awesome companies in-depth and become their partner. Moved the foreign trade sales center to a 350+ square meters site, continue creating new business and continue to strive for sustainable growth. 

baby diaper making machine


No two customers are exactly alike, each has their unique vision shaped by the raw material and the process by which that material is converted into the end product. We believe there’s no such thing as an impossible idea. Everything we do leads to something better and new, and it just may be the next big thing for your business. That is why we place particular importance on hearing the voice of the customer to deliver tailor-made machines by staying at the forefront of innovation ensures solutions.


We have expert mechanical and electrical engineers dedicated to designing each converting and packaging machine with rich practical experience who have developed hundreds of machines and modifications for a broad range of customers. Listen carefully to your voice, bring us your ideas and our engineers will make them a reality. We use proven process methodology and state-of-the-art instrumentation to maximize overall effectiveness thus minimizing product cost.

expert engineers


We work with you closely from design through delivery, and machine installation to start-up. Committed to extremely pre-sales and after-sales services, you can trust us for quality engineering support whenever you need it. We take the confidentiality of your project seriously, and we maintain strict procedures to give you peace of mind. All development and validation activities are conducted within the security of enclosed, restricted and secure areas.

parts machining


Leverage extensive in-house machine workshop capabilities, giving us complete control over the quality to help keep production moving with minimum waste and quality concerns. We stock a large inventory of high-quality parts to provide emergency service parts delivery when needed, shipping by express or air. Committed to keeping your machines up and running, we provide 24/7 technical support throughout the life of your machine.

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