You need more than just a converting or packaging machine for disposable hygiene product, you need a veteran reliable partner, instead of just a supplier, who has been in the field for more than 15 years and constantly innovating to start your project and provide comprehensive support to help you achieve your mission in the best way possible with a wide range of benefits, that’s what we are for you.

We are not to simply build a machine. Whether you are an established company or just another startup company starting out, you are unique with your distinct vision shaped by the raw materials and production process by which that material is converted into the end product. Therefore, it is crucial for us to listen carefully to your voice. We can develop the converting machines that are dependable and meet your specific need, down to the smallest detail, we believe that this customer-centric responsible, and reliable approach is the key to delivering tailor-made converting and packaging machines.

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Never worry about going to multiple sources to start your hygiene product manufacturing project.

Getting great tailor-made converting and packaging machines for making disposable hygiene products like baby diaper, baby pants, sanitary napkin, adult diaper, adult pants, period pant, underpads and wet wipes, shouldn’t have to be complicated. At SUNREE, we have extended our range of offerings focused on varying customer needs for both product and production requirements, worldwide support from consulting to the development and manufacturing of disposable hygiene products, our product portfolio addresses clear market demands.



The production line characterized by efficiency will minimize the unitary product cost, through high-speed solutions designed to maximize overall effectiveness and benefit from the most efficient use of raw materials. 


The production lines characterized by flexibility are designed to reduce the impact of size change, matching the needs of customers needing frequent material and size changes without stopping.


Through market research, product study, and a forward-thinking work environment, we quickly turn ideas and design concepts into reality delivering products that exceed customer expectations from concept to launch.


Get everything products your business needs all in one place.

VALUE ADDED Services From Concept To Launch

No more endlessly wasting time on lousy suppliers, our goal is to let you sit back and relax. At SUNREE, our collaboration goes beyond machine design and manufacturing. From before-sales guidance to after-sales support, down to the smallest detail, we’ll walk you through the whole process from financial planning to production.

Financial Planning

Material, tariff and production cost analysis, productivity improvement.

Marketing Strategy

Website building assistance, promotion, PPC and SEO experience.

Field Visit

Show around our customers' plant to have the study tour.

Custom Solution

Custom machine according to product design and material selection.

Plant Planning

Advice the plant layout for the complete production lines.

On-site Support

Service of installation and training at the customer's plant.


Customer training in operation and maintenance.

Material Supply

Various of raw materals can be supplied for different needs.

Production Assistance

Dispatch professional technician for production support.

Upgrades and Retrofits

Make further improvements for new functional requirements.

Spare Parts

Inventory on hand for lightning delivery to facilitate urgent needs.

Quality Control

Material and product quality control assistance, and assist in set up lab.


SUNREE is your go-to destination for everything custom converting machines and custom raw materials – by delivering support at every step of the custom products journey from concept to reality. Wherever in the world you may be, we will assist you in making market-driven and consumer-oriented hygiene products in increasingly competitive markets.

Integrate Into Your Project

Tour Our Machine Factory

With engineers dedicated to designing each disposable hygiene product machine and in-house machining capabilities, we have complete control over quality and can meet every one of your converting needs. The new purchase and delivery of a machine can be stressful and time-consuming. Importing for the machine can be confusing when one is not familiar with the transaction process.

Take a quick tour through our machining facility, and then learn how we work with you.

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We do our best to help our customers go above and beyond and exceed expectations that ultimately impress their target market. These testimonials reflect the experiences and opinions from part of our customers which the customers sent to us via email,  messenger and questionnaire, do not what we say influence you, take it from our customers!

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We visited some suppliers at the exhibition, finally we choose SUNREE, six years the machines still work well.

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In this statement I want to add something, you are just like our family member, we all trust you as we trust our other family members and you are the one who always full fill our trust. God bless you and my best wishes are always with. Thanks SUNREE.

A**** Designation

I am lucky to find SUNREE as our supplier, I come to inspect the machines of my order, Now everything in front of me, it will be the beginning of our cooperation.

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Before 4 years we ordered one baby diaper production line from SUNREE, until now it works fantastic, and now we plan to order another line, we still choose SUNREE as our supplier.

K**** Designation

I planned to invest a diaper factory in Africa, my friend recommended me buy from SUNREE, then I ordered 400ppm baby diaper machine, now I am happy to see what they supply, they keep promise and supply good machine.

O**** Designation

Thanks to SUNREE, We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to you. SUNREE brought us good quality machine and material, SUNREE is the Best!

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These documents are really helpful for us, I appreciate your professionalism. I am so happy to work with you, all are very quick and exact. Thanks for your support.

M**** Designation

We are satisfied with your bespoke service and sincerely thanks for all the support from you and your technical team, we are happy to see all the product ideas into reality and finally we have this marvelous product for our customers. Thanks SUNREE team.


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